General Booking Terms and Conditions


Institute:  The Institute is The Leuven Institute for Ireland in Europe IVZW T/a Irish College Leuven, with which an agreement is concluded

Client Group:  The party that concludes an agreement with the Institute for at least 15 persons, for whom an education or training programme is being organised by the Institute and is the object of this agreement.

Participants:  Members of the Client Group


Pricing, Invoicing and Payment

The Institute will provide the Client Group with an estimate of the total price of the services to be supplied calculated on the basis of the activities to be undertaken and on the details given by the Client Group’s representative to the Institute.

A Programme Management Fee will be calculated based on the proposed programme itinerary.  This fee covers:

  • Research, design, booking of speakers and visits, organisation, and confirmation of programme content
  • Support from education staff throughout the programme lifecycle
  • Priority use of available facilities at the college (e.g. classrooms)
  • Support by Irish College Leuven’s liaison staff and reception staff during your programme

The Client Group agrees to pay a deposit as requested and to confirm the booking in writing / through the use of a booking form.   This amount is non-refundable in the event of the Client Group cancelling less than 90 days before the programme.

If the Client Group has not confirmed the booking within 30 days, the Institute has the right to terminate the agreement without serving any period of notice and without being liable to pay the Client Group any compensation. The Client Group will be informed of the termination of the agreement by the Institute by written notification.

The total price of the services supplied by the Institute is calculated on the basis of all services provided and will be invoiced to the Client Group by the end of the month in which the programme takes place.

The Institute requires the Client Group to settle the invoice within 30 days.  To facilitate this the Client Group must provide the Institute with all necessary information so as to avoid delay in payment.  Failure to comply with the terms of payment may result in the Institute applying interest and penalties to the invoiced amount.

Any queries with respect to an invoice should be communicated to the Institute within 8 days after the invoice date.


Booking Confirmation

All bookings must be confirmed in writing / through the use of a booking form supplied by The Institute.

In agreement with the Institute and at the time of the booking confirmation, the Client Group will state as accurately as possible the number of participants that will undertake activities as part of their programme at the Institute.

The Institute should be informed of the final list of names and personal details of all participants, any special dietary requirements, and a rooming list at least 20 days before the group’s arrival.  The details of participants are required by the Institute to register participants with security for site visits.  The details required may vary depending on the site visits included in the itinerary, but typically include:

  • Name as on Passport
  • Date of Birth
  • Passport
  • Nationality
  • Passport Expiry Date
  • Email Address

It is the responsibility of the Client Group to accurately supply these details, and failure to do so may result in participants being denied entry for site visits.

If the Client Group does not confirm the booking or the number of participants, the Institute has the right to use the rooms, which were originally reserved for participants but were not confirmed, without the Client Group having any right to compensation.

If the final list of participants is extended, the Institute will try to accommodate these extra people if rooms are available.

Any reduction between the original number of participants advised and the final numbers will be subject to the cancellation conditions below.

Cancellation of the agreement and no-show:

Whole or partial cancellation of the agreement by the Client Group must be done in writing.

The date on which the Institute is notified in writing of the cancellation by the Client Group shall be decisive for any compensation owed to the Institute due to the cancellation.

The amount of compensation owed by the Client Group to the Institute as the result of cancellation is a percentage of the total amount of the cancelled service as specified in the quote confirmation.

This amount is stipulated as follows:


Cancellation / no-show policy for reserved rooms:

Up to 90 days before arrival:   25 % of the total cost per cancelled room charged
Between 89 – 30 days before arrival:  35% of the total cost per cancelled room charged
Between 29 – 8 days before arrival:  50% of the total cost per cancelled room charged
Less than 7 days before arrival:  100 % of the total cost per cancelled room charged


Cancellation /no-show policy for meals ordered:

Up to 14 days:  No charge
Between 13 and 7 days:  30 % of the total cost of the ordered meal(s) charged
Less than 7 days:  100 % of the total cost of the ordered meal(s) charged


Programme/Event Costs:
In the event of an activity or programme being cancelled by the Client Group, the said Client Group will be responsible for all costs associated with the delivery of the activities or programme that are provided by third parties and subject to their terms and conditions.


General Conditions:

The Client Group undertakes to tell the Institute in writing the exact number of people and their dietary requirements at least 20 days before the date of the event.

The Client Group must pay for all uneaten meals and any extra meals provided.


Additional costs incurred by and to be paid by the group
The Client Group shall pay any costs for services not mentioned in the agreement ordered by the Client Group or one of the participants during their stay at the Institute either directly from the Institute or by a third party.

The Client Group shall unconditionally be liable to pay any costs relating to such additional services including any invoices submitted by a third party to the Institute in the mistaken belief that the costs of the order would be covered by the Institute.

Conduct at the Institute
It is the responsibility of the Client Group to manage Participants.  This includes ensuring that the group is on-time for scheduled activities, providing adequate supervision of Participants, and managing conduct.

If one or more participants should disturb the smooth running of the Institute, disturb other guests, or damage the reputation of the Institute in any way, the Institute has the right to unilaterally terminate the agreement and to remove one or more participants or the whole group from the Institute.

Provision of services to the group may be wholly or partially terminated, without the Institute being liable to pay any compensation to the Client Group. If the Institute should take such measures, this does not waive the Client Group’s obligation to pay in full for all services and facilities reserved for the group.

The eating of hot food takeaways/deliveries or smoking or the hosting of pets is not permitted in the accommodation rooms.

The cost of damages to the room and its furnishings as a result of any of the above unauthorised activities or breakages will be charged to the Client Group.

Use of name and logo
Written permission must be obtained from the Institute for any use made of the name or of the Institute’s name or logo.


Travel Costs and Disruption
The Institute does not arrange or assume liability for any transport of the participants to or from Belgium.  Travel disruption can occur and the Institute can provide emergency accommodation, subject to availability.  However, the cost of such accommodation and any cost association with alternative transport arrangements are the responsibility of the Client Group and/or Participants.


All Client Groups are required to secure their own insurance policy against any cancellation/curtailment charges for which the Client Group could be liable under these terms and conditions.

Privacy Policy
In accordance with the new EU law, General Data Protection Regulation, The Leuven Institute for Ireland in Europe ivzw possesses data for everyone it engages in business with- guests, clients, employees, trainees, suppliers and network of contacts.

The Leuven Institute for Ireland in Europe ivzw will process personal data during the duration of any contract and will continue to store only the personal data needed after the contract has expired to meet any legal obligations.

Data is held electronically and stored on cloud-based systems. Some data may be held in hard formats.

At any point whilst the data is being stored, all data subjects have right of access, right to be forgotten, right of portability, right of rectification, right to restriction of processing and right to object.  The data subject has the right to complain to The Leuven Institute for Ireland in Europe ivzw, and should they not receive a response within 30 days they can complain to the Data Protection Regulator.

Events and programmes undertaken at the Institute may be photographed or videoed for publicity and promotional activities of the Institute and may be used for future publicity across a range of various communication tools.

All disputes occurring from the agreement will fall under the power of the Courts of Leuven working under the application of Belgian law.